SEB ConfigurationsΒΆ

There are two different kind of SEB specific configurations that must be defined and be put in place to support e-assessments with SEB and SEB Server. The is used to configure SEB with all needed information to securely connect to SEB Server and an Exam Configuration is used to configure SEB to access a running exam with SEB. The is only needed at least once for an institution and must be deployed as start-configuration on a managed SEB setup or can be placed as a download link within an internal trusted server, that automatically loads within the SEB application and configures the SEB to connect to the SEB Server.

An exam configuration, as the name implies, is done for an exam and contains most of the known configuration attributes from the latest SEB Configuration Tool Currently an exam configuration can only be applied to one Exam but can easily be copied to use with another exam. For detailed information about exam configuration see Exam Configuration

Within Configuration Templates, it is possible to create templates for exam configuration. Within the current version of SEB Server there is the possibility to define different default value(s) for each exam configuration attribute and also to define if the attribute is been shown in the exam configuration or not. This allows an Exam Administrator to create a exam configuration template for exams with context defines default values and also to be able to only see change the attributes that are relevant for an exam configuration. This feature is currently in an experimental state and may be changed and / or expanded within future releases of SEB Server. See Exam Configuration Templates